Thursday, February 21, 2013


                                                       11"x14"   Oil on canvas

Ektara as the name suggests, is a single stringed instrument. The string of  Ektara gives a range of tones by applying pressure at various points along the neck. This is a musical instrument that does not have markings for notes, and is played by assumption. It is the same instrument famously used by the Rathore princess, Meerabai, who's known for her devotion for Lord Krishna. I have painted this instrument before and am not sure why I was drawn to paint it again, nevertheless I enjoyed painting it. It's a part of the commissioned series I am working on. Hope the person likes it!


  1. Mamta madam

    Your paintings are beautiful and amazing. Mamta madam your paintings represent our rich heritage and culture. Mamta madam it is a God's gift to you for painting these amazing treasures.

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    Mamta madam i already joined as a member to your blog. Mamta madam i hope you are joining as a member to my Heritage of India blog.

    Mamta madam your musical instruments series paintings represents our rich heritage and culture. Mamta madam i want to use your images whenever i want but i am using them only after your permission and approval.

  2. Nice work, i must say one thing for your work that u really really naturally defined the art of music with colors, your work refresh in our mind, the very older and forever green instruments of music world....good work.Thanks
    Online Art Gallery

  3. Wow, I really like your work...The concept of musical instrument is too good.I really appreciate your work, each and every thing is beautifully defined in the picture...
    Art Magazine Online In India